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Protect yourself and your product warranty. Purchase Lightning Audio® gear only from authorized Lightning Audio® dealers.

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 How Does it work?
     The Dealer Locator looks through our database matching your search criteria, displaying an "authorized" list of dealers.
 Dealer not authorized?
     Protect your investment! If the dealer you intend to purchase gear from is not listed, it is not an "Authorized Internet Dealer." DO NOT purchase products from their website. The dealer is selling our product online illegally and we will be forced not to endorse any warranty or service on the product.
 Help for Authorized Dealers
  I'm a dealer and my store is not listed
     Powered by Lightning Audio InteractiveIf you are an authorized Lightning Audio internet dealer and your store(s) are not displayed, in the U.S., please contact your Lightning Audio Repfirm, or if located outside the U.S., Lightning Audio Distributor to have your store(s) added to the Lightning Dealer Locator. If you have access to Rocknet, you can add/edit/delete stores linked to your account.
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