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Protect yourself and your product warranty. Purchase Lightning Audio® gear only from authorized Lightning Audio® dealers.

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 Help for New Dealers
 How do I become an Authorized Dealer?
     You must contact the Lightning Audio U.S. Representative (repfirm) for information on becoming an Authorized Lightning Audio Dealer.
 Can I buy Wholesale?
     Lightning Audio does not sell direct to consumers. We also cannot sell "wholesale" to individuals possessing a business license. You must become an authorized Lightning Audio dealer in order to purchase products.
 Help for Authorized Repfirms
 I'm a U.S. Repfirm and my info needs updating
     Powered by Lightning Audio InteractiveIf you are an authorized Lightning Audio Representative and your company is not displayed, please contact the Lightning WebWizard to have your company info added to the Lightning Repfirm Locator.If your company is already listed but just needs to be updated, please login to Rocknet to edit your info.
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Buy Authorized
We encourage you to purchase from Authorized Dealers.
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