Toyota Unser

Malaysia knows how to build kick-ass car audio systems. This demo vehicle, created by AutoCraft is a prime example of how to make a system sound as good as it looks.

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Scion tC

Our 2006 Scion tC show vehicle is equipped for speed and sound. The audio system features all Lightning Audio STRIKE component speakers, 12" subwoofers and amplifier.

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Mitsubishi Outlander

Our Mitsubishi Outlander illustrates how to get unparalleled sound, style and performance at a great value.

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Opal Corsa

South Africa knows how to make any vehicle sound killer! See how AudioMotive transformed this Corsa from utility vehicle into concert hall.

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Honda Integra

This slammed Integra gets "down" - as in down under from Australia. See how the team at AZ Trading hyped up this Honda with Lighting Audio gear.

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Volkswagen Jetta

The only thing faster than our Jetta pumped with Nitro is the custom built sound system featuring a radical subwoofer enclosure that absolutely pounds!

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