The LA-THREE Subwoofer Series Consists of Four 10- and 12-Inch, 800 to 1,000 Watt, 2 & 4 Ohm DVC Models

TEMPE, Ariz. – September 4, 2012 – Lightning Audio announced that it will begin shipping the LA-THREE subwoofer series in November 2012. The LA-THREE Series 10- and 12-inch, 800 – 1,000 Watt, 2 & 4 Ohm DVC subwoofers will complete the new line of Lightning Audio subwoofers for the 2013 model year.

"If you want the crowd to hear you long before they see you driving down the street, the new Lightning Audio LA-THREE series are the subs for you," said Jake Braaten, director of product development. "Power a pair of LA-three subs with the LA2000MD amplifier for pounding bass, clarity and performance."

The LA-THREE (L3-D210; L3-D410; L3-D212; L3-D412) feature dual linear spiders with multipoint stitched 16 AWG tinsel leads that improve mechanical stability under high excursion and reduces mass, stress, and strain over a greater area. They motor assembly is rounded out by a 2.5-inch voice coil with double stacked oversized motor structure for high power handling and added efficiency. Its die-cast aluminum basket with spider venting adds rigidity and eliminates multiple acoustic resonances. The large aluminum mass helps reduce voice coil former temperature and increase power handling, as well.

The tall profile of the high-excursion poly-etherester surround allows for linear travel characteristics on high excursion drivers without reducing piston size. Its anodized aluminum voice coil former with spun laced Nomex collar provides superior heat dissipation (including up to 100 degrees F cooler at full power levels), and its hard anodized finish increases former strength. The LA-THREE also incorporates nickel-plated spring loaded terminals for easy installation and enhanced conductivity.

Additional Lightning Audio LA-THREE Specs & US Pricing:

Model Size Voice Coil Power Handling
Nominal Impedance Sensitivity
(1W / 1M)
Mounting Depth MAP
L3-D210 10 inch 2.5 inch 800/400 Watts Dual 2 Ohm 81dB 5.73 inches $209.95
L3-D410 10 inch 2.5 inch 800/400 Watts Dual 4 Ohm 82dB 5.73 inches $209.95
L3-D212 12 inch 2.5 inch 1000/500 Watts Dual 2 Ohm 85dB 6.16 inches $219.95
L3-D412 12 inch 2.5 inch 1000/500 Watts Dual 4 Ohm 85dB 6.16 inches $219.95

Specifications and prices subject to change without notice.

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