Single 12" Vented Loaded Enclosure

The Lightning Audio single 12" loaded enclosure could possibly be the perfect subwoofer for your car, SUV or jeep. The ready-constructed enclosure has been optimized for low frequency impact with the use of a slot loaded vent, and the passive design means all you need is an amplifier that can produce maximum power into a 4-Ohm load. All you need is to pick up your date for tonight and you are ready to roll!

  • Spring Loaded Terminals
  • Vented Design
  • Industrial Carpet
  • Standard Warranty - 1 Year
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LA-1X12V Specifications
Woofer Quantity 1
Woofer Size 12"
Woofer Series LA-S412
Woofer Impedance 4-Ohms
Power Handling 400 Watts MAX
System Configuration 1.60 cu.ft. Vented
35Hz Tuning Frequency
Enclosure Material MDF
Speaker Connector Spring Loaded
Shipping Weight 44 Lbs. (20 Kg.)
Dimensions W-19.8" x H1-15.6" x H2-14" x D1-13.5" x D2-16"
Specifications subject to change without notice
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