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Manual/Data Sheet
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07/28/2006 01:43 PM
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07/28/2006 01:50 PM

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  2002 Bolt Amp - Owners Manual
  To Download: Scroll down to 'File Attachments'. Right-click on hyperlinked file and 'Save File As..' or 'Save Target As..' to save to disk.
To Open: These documents require Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader (version 5.0+). Don't have it? Download it FREE from Adobe's web site.
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  Owner's Manual for the following models.
Contains specifications and recommended installation procedures.

  • B.250.1 - LA Bolt 250 watt Mono amplifier

  • B.350.1 - LA Bolt 350 watt Mono amplifier

  • B.150.2 - LA Bolt 150 watt 2-Channel amplifier

  • B.200.2 - LA Bolt 200 watt 2-Channel amplifier

  • B.300.2 - LA Bolt 300 watt 2-Channel amplifier

  • B.300.4 - LA Bolt 300 watt 4-Channel amplifier

  • B.400.4 - LA Bolt 400 watt 4-Channel amplifer

  File Attachments
   • 2002_BoltAmplifiers_MAN.pdf
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