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11/13/2006 01:29 PM
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11/13/2006 01:32 PM

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  Bolt amplifier cooling turbine - owners manual
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  Cooling Turbine (CT1) Upgrade for BOLT AMPLIFIERS

Crave to rave? Push your Lightning Audio Bolt amplifier to the limit using the Cooling Turbine. Installing the Cooling Turbine letís you play longer and louder under the extreme conditions favored by Lightning Audio enthusiasts. The Cooling Turbine delivers large volumes of air over the critical components of the amplifier, improving the thermal characteristics and dynamics of your Bolt series amplifier.


  1. Remove the four hex-head screws that attach the Torture Tested logo.

  2. Remove the Cooling Turbine from itís package, and connect the small plug to the pins marked "FAN" on the PC board inside your amplifier.

  3. Re-install the four screws in the original position, securing your Cooling Turbine.

  4. Congratulations! Your Bolt amplifier will play longer and sound better under extreme conditions.

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   • 2000_CoolingTurbine_MAN.pdf
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